The Tesla Cybertruck is gradually going out of style before it ever enters the market,

 while Elon Musk is lazily scrolling through social media and posting memes. 

Around the same time, Ford also unveiled the electric Ford F-150 Lightning truck, but these are already in customer driveways. 

 Will Tesla release the Cybertruck before 2023 is through, despite the design not being quite as complex?

How many electric trucks are now available or on their way to being available?

 This month, Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries to customers began.

 Customers have already begun travelling the nation in Rivian R1T vehicles.

But before any of these other electric vehicles were even introduced, the Tesla Cybertruck was stealing the show. 

The Cybertruck has been a hot subject on the internet since since Musk broke an indestructible window on stage during

But more than two years later, Tesla still appears to be using a Cybertruck or two for PR stunts

Musk just verified that the Tesla Cybertruck production was continuing without a hitch.

The Tesla Cybertruck delivery date has, however, already been postponed several times. 

now into 2023 after initially into 2022. At one time, dates and prices were completely taken off the website.

The electric Chevy Silverado pickup, which was only revealed at the beginning of 2022, is the only electric vehicle