The long-awaited electric pickup truck from one of the industry leaders in electric vehicles is called the Tesla Cybertruck.

 Its attraction and the reason people have been anticipating it so eagerly stem in part from the fact that it is the most

Apparently, that has changed now, at least in the eyes of Elon Musk, the creator and CEO of Tesla.

Here is what he had to say regarding the price increase for the Tesla Cybertruck and the reasons behind it.

The Tesla Cybertruck's pricing was shockingly affordable when it was initially introduced back in 2019. 

The Verge reports that it was only $39,900 at the time.

This cost is for an upcoming automobile industry revolutionising electric pickup truck.

 The Tesla cyber truck was expected to not only look unlike anything else on the market but also include technology 

 There have been so many development setbacks that some are beginning to doubt whether we'll ever

 Its design has also evolved, however most recently Musk said that it was finished, bringing production closer.

Therefore, it makes sense that the cost of the Tesla Cybertruck would likewise alter. 

Musk didn't specify a price for the Tesla Cybertruck, but it's reasonable to assume that it will be higher than $39,900