Tesla's constantly developing technology contributes to its allure, or at least its mystery.

Whether it's the Model S or its solar panels, Tesla has long been at the forefront of technology. 

Perhaps its most well-known and intriguing product is the Tesla Cybertruck

The slick silver exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck contributes to its spacecraft-like appearance.

It appears to be one enormous sheet of metal that has been twisted into a form that would enable 

The Cybertruck's distinctive architecture, which consists of a single exoskeleton, makes this possible.

 In other words, Tesla and Idra are jointly to blame for the creation of the biggest casting press ever.

What do we know about the brand-new Tesla casting press, then? Obviously, it will be quite significant.

There is already a Giga Press at Tesla's Fremont facility, so this is not the company's first.

The Tesla Model Y is created using it. Even though it is obviously much smaller than the Cybertruck

like the Cybertruck, Tesla has been investing in casting and alloy production technology.

The heaviest 9,000 lb casting press made by Idra, which was rumoured to be going to Tesla for the Cybertruck