One of the most perplexing vehicles is the Tesla Cybertruck.

 We've never seen features like those in it before, according to the plan. 

The Tesla Cybertruck has just experienced another delay, this time for an extended period of time.

Naturally, it is. It should come as no surprise to anybody who has been following the Tesla Cybertruck's 

Tesla has once again changed its mind about the vehicle. According to Car and Driver,

 Tesla first stated that the Cybertruck will start production in the latter half of 2021.

Tesla remained optimistic that it could meet the projected production date despite concerns about whether it

when Tesla pushed back the Cybertruck's manufacturing timeline from the end of 2021 to some point in 2022.

Customers of Tesla questioned whether this was really possible.

The manufacturing date and pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck have now been fully deleted from Tesla's website.

Which implications does this have for the Tesla Cybertruck?

Unfortunately, Tesla has a reputation for breaking its promises. Both the Tesla Roadster and the Semi Truck are still just ideas.

Three alternative motor options were available for Cybertrucks from Tesla: a single motor option for rear-wheel drive

The tri-motor Cybertruck was supposed to be manufactured a year after the single and dual motor models