It goes without saying that the Tesla Cybertruck is visually distinctive

But things seem to be becoming a little strangeer. 

 On a Tesla Cybertruck prototype, spy photos showed a few modifications and aesthetic alterations,

A YouTube user captured some amazing video of a Tesla Cybertruck prototype being tested while flying

 Additionally, Electrek distributed the 10-minute video of the truck test.

The inclusion of a huge windscreen wiper arm is one of the most obvious improvements. 

Godzilla might use it as a comb because it is that long.

 Who knows how much force will be necessary to have it clean the entire windscreen?

Even though we are aware that this is only a prototype, the wiper stands out in an odd way and it closely resembles the show model.

the remainder of the Cybertruck appears to be nearly seamless as it pops up.

A closer look reveals that the Tesla Cybertruck's windscreen wiper actually has two blades. 

 As a result, changing the wiper will be a little simpler. The electromagnetic wiper system may include it.