What if we mashed up two of Nissan's coolest cars, the Titan and the GT-R?

Look no further than Jim from Instagram's Imagination Land. 

Because boy automotive design genius @jlord8 has just created something so radical that 

it could become a technological reality if Nissan gets the attention it deserves. What do you think? 

the truck really threw it down, we agree with Jim Warrior's comment 

G-Body fan and owner of his '86 Buick Regal T-Type writes 

I can count the number of times I've seen Titan IRL on one hand 

but the "Warrior" concept on which this piece is based is a great looking track. 

but lately he's been working on an entire truck series 

his renders included two F-150 Raptor Lightnings, a Lambda Kota SRT and a single cab Caddy his Escalade V 

Fans have praised his Chevrolet He Silverado ZL1, Toyota Tundra TRX and even his GMC Sierra GT renderings. 

His RAM TRX Street was especially appreciated, and fans raved about his latest Nissan CGI as well.  

Another fan of the artist's work commented: This truck is mean! I love the skylights..."

Plus, under the hood of the Titan he would sell out a Nissan if he had a GT-R-like treatment. So are you listening?