Any car enthusiast knows that heavy towing and large luggage compartments are the top reasons for pick-up trucks.  

The new Hummer EV not only has incredible power for such a big car, it's also comfortable and good looking. 

These new luxury EVs look tough and intimidating from the outside. However, the interior is just the opposite.  

It is a home of impeccable design luxury and comfort. 

The new electric vehicle interior welcomes you with king-size plush leather seats and a spacious cabin.  

This is a huge improvement over previous Hummer designs that looked big on the outside but cramped on the inside. 

These newer cars have plenty of headroom and legroom for passengers 

GM supplied both cars with his two internal molds. 

The first is the Moon Shadow interior, which contrasts with the dark interior with bronze accents.  

The second is the Moon Horizon interior, which is a perfect blend of jet black and light gray colors. 

Another outstanding feature of the interior is the infinity roof. It offers three driving experiences 

You can leave the roof as is or remove it completely to create an open-air feel and even replace it with a transparent Sky He panel.