If you've been keeping up with Apple's patent filings, which there are plenty of, you may be wondering

However, the hypothetical Apple Car stands alone and may be a serious rival to the Tesla Cybertruck.

What is covered by Apple's most recent patent, and how does it stack up against Tesla's Cybertruck?

Although Apple hasn't yet made any photographs associated with their new patent public, others have done so nevertheless. 

According to WCCF Tech, a business by the name of Vanarama has turned Apple's most recent patent into a

 It shares the same angular shape and contemporary appeal as the Tesla Cybertruck.

The grill, which has an almost Cadillac Escalade look to it, is one of the most noticeable distinctions.

Other than that, it's probably not surprising that Apple's latest patent shows a vehicle that resembles several of its goods. 

The illuminated Apple Car emblem on the front is similar to the Mac Book Pro's, according to WCCF Tech.

The Apple Car will be a cutting-edge piece of technology, much like the Tesla Cybertruck

The digital technology used by Apple gives it an edge over Tesla

 While most Teslas have touchscreen infotainment systems, Apple's latest patent envisions a screen that would run

The Apple Car's controls should be movable to anywhere you like, making driving simpler (and safer).

A Siri created just for the Apple Car is also included in Apple's patent, which will be welcomed by individuals