Although we hope you never have to use it in that situation, if the rapture occurs, this is the best car 

The electric vehicle lineup for 2022 is extensive and pretty impressive. 

The Munro EV is one example of how there is always space for more

Exactly what is a Munro? The firm was created to be a seasoned off-roading brand and was named after the magnificent 

The company, a proponent of distinctive electric 4x4s, diverges significantly from Tesla and Polestar.

Unlike the former, which focused on luxury and utility while creating automobiles for the general public

The cars they produce have a post-apocalyptic appearance, similar to something from The Walking Dead.

Set aside zombies and ghouls, their newest creation, the MK 1 (yep, with an underline), 

It seems like the Loch Ness Monster took on the form of a car; it is bigger, stronger, and more monstrous

One envisions a doomsday vehicle as a rolling tank that weighs 10,000 lbs. of hard steel. 

The Munro team decided to take a contrarian approach to the idealistic end-of-the-world vehicle and make it as agile as they could. 

 The MK 1's ultimate purpose is to carry a crew of five efficiently to the most difficult stretches on Earth.