If you want an SUV with three rows of seats, you can't always buy a new one.

For this reason, many consumers choose the used car market when looking for a car.

A popular SUV is Honda His Pilot, thanks to its reliable and practical design.

But which Honda Pilot is the most reliable?

In general, the Honda Pilot was a reliable SUV. Some models are more reliable than others, but overall they should be a safe bet

The Pilot SUV has been carrying families since it was first introduced in the 2003 model year. increase.

The platform is the same as the Honda Odyssey and Ridgeline Pickup.

TheHonda Pilot SUV is now in its fourth generation. This means that there is a wide variety of pre-owned models.

According to Vehicle History, the 2015 Pilot SUV may be the most reliable model.

The 2015 Pilot comes in a variety of configurations, offering all-wheel drive and more.

Whether you're looking for a family SUV or one that's ready for your camping trips, this Honda SUV can probably handle it.

Also, with proper maintenance, your naturally aspirated V6 should last for some time.