The 2021 Lucid Air, an electric luxury car from EV startup Lucid Motors, was unveiled at the start of September.

However, this young automaker has ambitions to significantly increase the number of EVs in its inventory.

According to Car and Driver, this will ultimately include the Lucid Gravity, an electric crossover SUV. 

This is Lucid Motors' first venture into the field of EV design, despite the fact

that company previously rose to prominence for providing batteries to Formula E race vehicles. 

 As a result, there is still a sense of intrigue about these cars. What is certain is that the Lucid Gravity

The Air "aspires to be much more than a bare Tesla rip-off," according to Car & Driver.

The Air does appear to be something to be excited about, even if Tesla may be the most well-known name in the EV 

The maximum range is reportedly 517 miles, and its most powerful variant generates a staggering

According to tests, the Air is blazingly quick, covering a quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds.

Lucid Motors teased the Lucid Gravity at the introduction of its electric car, but the company hasn't provided

 In fact, even the name of the project—currently known as "Project Gravity"—could change 

According to Car and Driver, we'll probably have to wait a few more years. 

A actual release of Gravity is still still a ways off, despite tales of individuals noticing a prototype