The Lucid Air Will Use Lidar For Autonomous Driving

Electric vehicles are now considered synonymous with autonomous driving. 

Many EV manufacturers include some form of self-driving technology in their vehicles. 

Tesla's Autopilot is the most notable. For autonomous driving modes, the majority of consumer EV systems employ a matrix of cameras and proximity sensors.

EV maker Lucid is taking a different approach with their upcoming sedan.

The Lucid Air will be the first EV sold in the U.S. with lidar

The Lucid EV automaker's debut product, the Air car, may provide the first significant threat to industry leaders like the Tesla Model S. 

Automotive News quoted Lucid as saying that the Air will be the first mass-produced vehicle in the country to include a "purpose-built" lidar system.

The "DreamDrive Pro" autonomous driving system by Lucid combines lidar, radar, and cameras. 

The Lucid Air will be able to do many autonomous driving tasks using DreamDrive Pro, including self-parking, assisted highway driving, 

and the use of an inside infrared camera to determine if the driver is awake. 

DreamDrive Pro has the ability to stop the car in an emergency situation if it believes the driver is not capable of doing so.

The DreamDrive Pro system will come standard on the launch edition of the Lucid Air, which has a price tag of $169,000.

The lower-trim Grand Touring model will have an MSRP of $139,000.