Aside from the 1992 Dodge Viper's excessive use of torque, the main reason for the vehicle's dangerous reputation is its lack of safety equipment

In other words, a fast car with as much torque as this needs a built-in safety barrier

In fact, this car has been called the last of its kind when it comes to the horrible driving experience.

The 1992 Dodge Viper is a sports car that combines the bones and performance of many classic cars

The list of things missing from the original Dodge Viper are airbags, traction control and ABS.

All of these are very important to safety, especially in a vehicle as fast as the Dodge Viper

Automakers eventually added these electronic auxiliaries to their cars

but the fact that they weren't present in the 1992 model year is a major reason for their reputation.

The entire range of the Dodge Viper is iconic. target. For many gearheads, Dodge vehicles are their favorite

Not only that, some even called this car the greatest American he sports car of all time

But the main reason for this love of vipers is their extreme reputation

This is because most car enthusiasts are thrill seekers.

There is nothing better than being behind the wheel of

what is often considered one of the most dangerous cars ever sold in the United States.