Minivans are one of the most underrated automotive segments.

Even at the height of minivan "popularity" they were still considered "mom-mobiles".

Aside from the blatant sexism, pigeonholing the minivan is just silly.

Minivans and pickup trucks are the most useful and practical vehicles in the world

That being said, here are the top three advantages of choosing one of the giants of the van world, the Honda Odyssey, over the mid-size three-row Honda Pilot.

Since we're in Q3, the 2022 and 2023 models are both hitting the review pages at the same time.

Interestingly, the 2022 Honda Odyssey ranked fourth for Consumer Reports' best minivans

but the 2023 Odyssey took the top spot. The dynasty continues.

The Honda Pilot, on the other hand, while still a solid SUV offering some similar features and space

has been placed much further down the list of midsize three-row SUV

 Although the scores of both Hondas are not far off, the Odyssey still beat the pilot.

Gasoline prices these days demand our full attention when shopping for a new ride.

Despite its massive size and sharing the same powertrain as the Pilot

the Honda Odyssey gets slightly better gas mileage.