Oh my, it must hurt. The Ford F-150 was just defeated by the GMC Sierra 1500, and now it is being benched. 

 Ford fumbled away its FOX NFL Sunday endorsement, and GMC Sierra and the other alternatives 

Muscle Cars and Trucks reports that the NFL has a new player. For the upcoming several months,

Fox NFL Sunday will feature the GMC Sierra 1500 and GMC Canyon, which is a significant change.

For almost two decades, Ford served as the primary sponsor.

Ford, however, has made the decision to separate into gas- and electric-powered businesses.

The F-150 abandoned the partnership as a result of its shifting marketing approach, which might be a significant mistake.

The GMC Sierra and Canyon will now be advertised on your football instead of aluminium bodies and being 

Who knows how much GMC will spend today; their advertising budget in 2019 was around $247 million.

The new advertisements will be seen by millions of people, which might increase interest in the Sierra

Due to the Ford F-150 no longer being under this intense limelight, sales may suffer.

There are several improvements coming to the GMC Sierra in 2022. 

. As an illustration, the brand-new SuperCruise semi-automated driving technology

We are aware that that may seem a little frightening, but the method is actually incredibly safe.