Selling electric cars to average Joe and Jane is one of the auto department's missions this year.

Clean energy vehicles are popular today, but their prices make them part of an automotive industry that has traditionally appealed 

consumers with above-average incomes. But in 2022, things look to have changed. 

Most of the automakers, which will offer at least one electric vehicle in the coming months 

have set out to effectively conquer the US market in terms of both price and model. 

The Dearborn, Michigan automobile company has begun production and delivery of his F-150 Lightning, an electric version of his legendary F-150 pickup his truck. 

The F-150 has long been America's favorite truck. Not only does it sell better than any other truck in its class 

more and more consumers are using it for everything from raising livestock to driving for fun.

Ford sells over a million of these a year, which is even more impressive given that the company ships over 100 of them an hour.

The F-150 has a fan club, more subscribers than any other truck, and even has its own hashtag on Twitter.  

This truck traverses some of the most remote places in the world and the longest glades in America 

leaving analysts wondering just how far its electric sibling could get.