The Kevin Hart-led comedy had one of the best movie cars ever, even though box office sales

We can always count on a comedy starring Kevin Hart to be exceptional.

We all got to know Hart's choice in cars and his like-minded gear-head orientation

Hart has been in several comedies, like Central Intelligence and Jumanji, but none of them have highlighted

The Man from Toronto, one of his most recent Netflix movies.

His co-star Woody Harrelson drives a 1969 Dodge Charger 440 R/T

The movie centres on Hart, who utilises his automobile as his preferred means of transportation while becomin

Debora, the name of the car in question, personifies it as more than simply a car and serves

Woody Harrelson is a real American cowboy and fits the image of a cowboy.

Nothing more accurately represents that persona than American Muscle.

Every square inch of an American V8 was developed on the frontier, beyond the Appalachians, 

The Charger was a tried-and-true representation of American charm, illustrative of Woody's mystical

It raises some concerns about who Harrelson is and what the automobile actually represents to him

 Throughout the whole film, his handler makes allusions to the automobile and the numerous other