Car and Driver appears to have several inside sources at General Motors — or one particularly chatty one

We've had reports about Corvette and Escalade branching off into separate sub-brands.

Inside sourcing now tells C/D that Camaro could be heading down the multiple-vehicle family route as well — with one of the vehicles being an electric SUV.

The report is light on details, such as what that Camaro SUV will look like, how much it will cost and when it will arrive

It's also unclear where a Camaro SUV would fit in the lineup.

The new Blazer EV crossover already fills the role of the sporty-styled Ford Mustang Mach E competitor

will launch with a high-performance SS version.

there's not much room to move upmarket with a Camaro brand with less premium resonance than Corvette.

Car and Driver does note that a two-row electric SUV Camaro has not been ruled out

uses one in their rendering of the new vehicle

The question would be why on earth GM would rule a two-door crossover in

there be a more traditional Camaro-branded sports car alongside the SUV?

It seems so. Chevy is reportedly phasing out the current combustion Camaro after 2024 and not replacing it with another gas version.

Previous Car and Driver reporting had GM considering a 2+2 electric coupe and convertible, which would sound more Camaro-like.