The Bird Is The Word: The Plymouth Superbird Return

The render of the legendary muscle car is a restomod sporting all the necessary modifications to make it even better than the original. 

Muscle vehicles may be humorous. When we believe a model's time has passed, a resurgence occurs in which a renowned name once again adorns our streets—or screens. 

With the help of an exclusive HotCars render created by Instagram artist Rostislav Prokop, a largely appreciated insignia is brought back today. 

The classic 1970s Plymouth Superbird muscle vehicle, with its instantly identifiable iconic heritage (and enormous rear wing), is back in a brand-new digital design. 

We take a virtual tour to admire the rethinking of a vintage vehicle to see how it may appear if it were to make a comeback in the modern day as a Superbird restomod. 

The Custom Plymouth Superbird Restomod Render

Restomods are contentious but occasionally required for a historic automobile to continue to exist. 

We believe this depiction is fantastic because it demonstrates that the Superbird might be updated for the present day without significantly changing its design principles. 

The vehicle is painted a stunning dark blue and has popup headlights up front, LED running lights below, 

and a hood scoop for whatever internal combustion engine could be chugging along beneath the hood. 

The 6.2-liter HEMI V8 supercharged from the Hellcat, with at least 707 horsepower, is the logical option.  

But why not go all out and instal a 1,000 horsepower Dodge Hellephant crate engine?  

Modern wheels and wider tires endow the sleek car with a modern vibe while up back