Chevrolet has big plans for the future, with at least four new Corvette models on

the way: E-Ray, ZR1, Zora, and an all-electric version. His final three are months away

but E-Ray is currently undergoing intensive testing

Our spy photographer has tested many times, including his circuit at the famous Nürburgring.

Moreover, we have already seen its glory thanks to the mistakes his IT department made at Chevrolet.

And even though Chevrolet officials say an official debut is coming soon, that hasn't happened yet.

In fact, future Corvette E-Rays are still being extensively tested.

In the latest video, which looks like a Chevrolet teaser video, we can see his future E-Ray having a lot of fun in the snow.

Considering the E-Ray will be the first all-wheel-drive Corvette ever built, it shouldn't surprise anyone.

Many people hate this idea, but we are moving towards an electrified world

And predictably, the Corvette is no exception to that rule. The future E-Ray will be the first step towards an all-electric Corvette.

It combines the same 6.2-liter V8 engine as the Stingray to drive the rear wheels, and his two electric motors to drive the front wheels

Rumor has it that the V-8 puts out the same 495 hp, with the electric motor adding another 115 hp.

This puts the E-Ray's total power output at 610 hp, somewhere between the current Stingray and Corvette Z06.