Honda owners shouldn't be surprised that the 2023 Honda Civic won Kelley Blue Book's "2023 Best Buy"

For most drivers who have driven the most recent Honda Civic, the outstanding driving experience 

interior quality are reason enough to rank the Civic at the top of their list.

 In spite of this, KBB has provided other arguments, such as the 2023 Civic's strong resale value

 to demonstrate its superiority to all of its competitors in the compact vehicle segment.

The Civic has always been a cute yet useful little vehicle. 

The 2023 Honda Civic is the most costly of the three best-selling vehicles in the sector, it should be noted.

The base Sport variant of the Civic costs $24,650. 

According to Car and Driver, Honda continued to sell the Civic in LX trim, which cost just $22,645.

This brought the Civic far closer to its competitors from Toyota and Hyundai, whose entry-level versions cost $21,550 

Does this increase the Honda Civic's price? Possibly, if cost is your only consideration.

However, given how terrific of a car the 2023 Honda Civic truly is, under $25,000 MSRP is still quite alluring.