Everything is expensive today. From groceries to automobiles, we are seeing rising prices in every industry.

Although widespread, the auto market is currently witnessing price increases in huge chunks

that are rubbing shoulders with sheer insanity. The price is $90,000.

Due to production difficulties in the last two years, a shortage of new car supply

high demand for used cars has led to an increase in overpriced used cars.

It sucks, but at least it makes sense, given what I learned about basic economics in high school.

The crazy part is the number of new cars with price tags like the Sierra. $90,000 is basically $100,000.

When I was a kid, $100,000 cars were luxury and sports cars like Ferrari 348s, Rolls-Royces

Dodge Vipers (around $50,000). Can you get a GMC for $100,000 these days?

I'm not going to swear on his GMC, but a GMC doesn't cost him $100,000.

Car prices are rising again. We have to live with it, but you can get pickup trucks for under $35,000

the Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Ford Maverick, Ford Raptor or Ram. You can get TRX cheaper.