For the 2023 model year, the GMC Canyon emerges from hiding to prove that it is a truly formidable off-road vehicle

Think again if you assumed that this GMC midsize truck was the Colorado's more opulent relative without the ZR2's superior

Every Canyon model offers a complete set of off-road capabilities, with the AT4X sitting at the top of the scale.

Find out what makes this GMC vehicle larger, better, and stronger than it was previously by digging in.

Even if it's only a fact, you might be interested in learning more about what's greater and how the changes affect you

The wheelbase increases by 3.1 inches as a result of the front axle moving forward by 2.9 inches. 

Although it doesn't provide drivers any more room, this enables the vehicle to fit the new engine.

Every Canyon model comes with a two-inch factory raise, and the AT4X increases that amount by one inch. 

Better off-road capabilities are made possible by these raised vehicles, making it simpler to cross obstacles in your way.

The breadth of the 2023 GMC Canyon compared to the 2022 model is where there is the most size variation. 

This translates to extra space for your belongings in the bed and the cabin, as well as a wider track for improved off-road stability.

Better is a relative phrase, and some people would disagree, but the new 2023 GMC Canyon midsize truck has features