The 2022 Subaru Forester Interior is Irritating

One of the best vehicles is the Subaru Forester. Though it might not be the most thrilling Subaru model ever produced, the vehicle is objectively close to perfect. 

I had the 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness Edition this past winter, and I adored it. It featured a great AWD system, was simple to drive, and was fuel-efficient.

The Wilderness made the Forester somewhat interesting for the first time. However, the inside just served as a cool, "campfire-like," splash on the Forester.  

Did the 2022 Subaru Forester get a new interior? 

Subaru is hitting its stride these days. The Forester, Crosstrek, and Outback keep winning awards and getting high praise from auto journos. 

Sure, these models are slow, even the Crosstrek Sport with the 2.5-liter boxer. But speed isn’t the name of the game for Subies.   

The inside is the only serious issue. If you like, the interior of the 2022 Subaru Forester may be covered with leather, but only on the higher-end variants. 

Even yet, while being plain and cosy, the interior lacks any excitement. 

In reality, the car's outside and interior are both excellent, making the inside's drab design seem worse by comparison.  

Are the Subaru Wilderness Edition interiors better? 

The Wilderness trim's improved suspension, increased ground clearance, and enhanced body armour are its key selling points. 

One of the nicest things about the Forester Wilderness, though, is that it almost made the Forester fashionable. 

A few very small changes in the inside helped to improve the overall look of the vehicle.