I can't fault my truck-obsessed friend for sticking with his beloved Toyota Tacoma,

What he didn't understand, though, is that a truck is not defined by its bed size or even by the sort of chassis it

 My opinion is that the vehicle's general usefulness and form are what make it such. 

 Additionally, after extensive testing of both the Santa Cruz and the Tacoma, I have to say that I favour 

You probably already know that the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is based on the Tucson if you've done any study on it.

Have you started to get the Honda Ridgeline vibes? Driving it, I most certainly did.

I spent a week driving the Santa Cruz, and I was amazed by how well everything went

It handled every drop and bump with easily, and on lengthy travels, its interior was silent. 

For all of your miscellaneous stuff and food, there is also a tonne of space that may be used and clever storage

Yes, the little bed is just four feet long, but that is still plenty to fit several small pieces of furniture and other objects.

Let's be clear about one thing: I am aware that the Toyota Tacoma is a genuine vehicle. 

Everything about it shouts "I'm a truck," from the body-on-frame chassis to the V6 engine and extended 5-foot bed

So, if you require all of that functionality, including a 6,400-pound towing capability,

It may also be completely customised to meet all of your off-roading requirements.