If you’re shopping for a compact crossover, then it’s easy to see why the Mazda CX-5 is a great choice

Its athletic driving dynamics, refined exterior and well-equipped interior make it one of the best competitors in its class

I got a chance to test this feature out in Colorado in a freak snowstorm.

The steering was firm and responsive, as was the throttle

the ride was comfortable, but the suspension felt confident through every corner.

was Given its size, the CX-5's Miata-like handling never surprised me. It is known to see unusual blizzards during this period

One day it's beautifully sunny and the next day "Skyflake" is pouring down everywhere.

It was sunny all afternoon, but at night the white stuff began to fall violently.

Nice to see you sitting inside, but I have a Mazda CX-5 so I thought it was time to test it

The snow was unforgiving and it was hard to see ahead, but the CX-5 never lost traction and felt confident throughout the ride.

Most 4 wheel drive vehicles are "reactive". That means it waits for the front wheels to slip before engaging

the rear wheels for extra traction while the four-wheel drive system is always on.

However, according to Mazda, the 2021 CX-5's I-ACTIV AWD system is a "predictive" system,

the CX-5 didn't let me down and it felt perfectly sunny outside.