It is difficult to emphasise how successful the Telluride has been for Kia.

The Telluride was named MotorTrend's SUV of the Year when it was unveiled for the 2020 model year

The Telluride has received so many accolades in addition to being so well-liked that dealers

There isn't much to improve, given how well-liked the Telluride is among reviewers

When Kia offers the Telluride a mid-cycle makeover in a few years

Having said that, one issue with which new owners have griped about Kia is the headlights.

We haven't heard many complaints from Telluride owners who wish they could return their purchase or are unhappy with it

However, as you can see in this Reddit thread, some owners are unsatisfied with the headlights.

 They dislike the conventional headlights' brightness more particularly.

We own a 2020 EX, and we were simply returning home at night, as one commentator put it. 

 My wife and I both agreed that the car's bright headlights were our only serious complaint. 

It seems as though the light just stops because it doesn't fan out as good as other automobiles.

If you upgrade to the optional LED headlights included in the Premium Package or purchase the top trim

Unfortunately, unless you can buy the almost-loaded Telluride EX, the Premium Package isn't offered