A recent survey by the California New Car Dealers Association found that two Tesla models were

the best-selling new cars in California so far this year, demonstrating the state's continued support for electric vehicles

According to research, the Model Y is the country's best-selling car in 2022, with 42,320 registered by June.

The Tesla Model 3 placed him second with his 38,993 sales.

The RAV4, Camry, and Corolla won 3rd, 4th, and 5th place, respectively.

According to this report, Toyota is the state's best-selling brand with 17.9% market share

while Tesla is close to second with 10.7%. New electric vehicle sales in California hit a five-year high

accounting for 15.1% of the market share, up from 9.5% last year. With more than 40% of his total ZEVs

in the nation's fleet on the road, the state is the first state to sell his one million plug-in electric

According to Trends, it's clear that Californians are increasingly interested in purchasing alternative fuel vehicles.

When Tesla unveiled his 2020 Model Y, this small SUV quickly overtook the Mercedes GLC and Lexus NX in market share.

the Tesla Model Y, people can reclaim the convenience and performance benefits of an SUV minus the fuel economy.