With nearly 1.5 million subscribers, Hoovie's Garage ensures a way to entertain car enthusiasts of all stripes 

whether it's restoring a Ford Bronco or deciding what to do next with a vast collection of cars. I know.

A questionable decision is made when buying a car, but after his friend ditched the purchase from him 

he added his 2021 Ford his Mustang his Shelby GT500 to his collection. did.  

Hoovie is currently debating whether to keep Shelby's muscle car or sell it for more than he paid for while the car market is heating up. 

Hoovie is his 2021 Shelby GT500 Before he talks about one more Mustang in his collection. 

He's a 1966 Ford He's a Mustang He's a Shelby GT350 with race car modifications 

but he admits the car was in his garage for nearly a year.

In that sense, this car needs some ingenuity. Hoovie gets advice on what to do next from his trusted mechanic and YouTuber, Car Wizard.  

Originally a Hertz rental racer, it was eventually purchased by the previous owner and put on a legal race car.  

However, Hubie admits he has only driven 47 miles since owning it eight months ago. 

The more extensive repairs they encountered were a high-speed rattling clutch and exhaust.