the Cybertruck from Tesla. Nothing to show after three years of effort

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, frequently makes extravagant claims about things that do not exist

an idealised future that is still decades away or maybe not even imaginable, and most recently

The production estimates for the Tesla Cybertruck were abruptly withdrawn from the Tesla website

which increased concerns that the Cybertruck would be further delayed.

Elon Musk recently stated that the Tesla Cybertruck would arrive in customer driveways in early 2022

 Now, it seems implausible. The issue with Tesla and Elon Musk is that it may sometimes be difficult

 genuine attempt to conceal errors and failures or whether Musky is just throwing us the same old sandbag.

As stated by InsideEVs, Tesla does not have a public relations firm or marketing division.

Elon Musk typically posts updates about the business on Twitter.

 We normally have to rely on sly online spies to truly discover anything about the condition of Tesla because Elon Musk

Having said that, Tesla modified the Cybertruck order page in a few ways. 

Cybertruck reservation holders will be able to finish their orders when "production nears in 2022,"

according to a recent statement on the Tesla website. InsideEVs claims that it now just states "when production approaches."