If the electric semi achieves these remarkable results, it will be able to go farther than gas-powered vehicles

 which typically cover a distance of around 600 miles.

When it made its premiere in November 2017 after three years of teasers, the Tesla semi truck. 

 A few prototypes have been spotted travelling at highway speeds around California,

The semi should be able to outperform its competitors in a crucial area: range, even though it is no longer first to the ball anymore.

If you want, for long-range trucking, up to—we think—easily 800 kilometres

we see a route over time to go to 1,000-kilometers range with a heavy-duty truck, Musk said in an interview on Tuesday

This top-of-the-line semi's range is 621 miles, which is more than many gas-engine trucks

The prototype's interior is covered with a multitude of 26 different cameras and the semi has just one seat. 

The semi will also have a sleeper compartment similar to those found in many other semi trucks on the market. 

Tesla appears to be prepared to transition to mass manufacturing, nevertheless.

"It's been in limited production so far

which has allowed us to refine many parts of the design," said Elon Musk in a remark.

Moving ahead, it is anticipated that a fully equipped truck would cost less than $200,000.