This Tesla Semi differs from earlier variants with an upgraded design and a white paint job.

News on the truck has been hard to come by despite the first Tesla Semi being shown a few years back.

 There has hardly been any communication from Tesla lately, and there is still no official word on when the truck 

 and only now does it seem to be moving toward production. 

However, as these images shared on Twitter demonstrate, the vehicle has now been seen in manufacturing form.

The vehicle has been located, even if it may not have been in the manner we had anticipated. 

 These pictures of a white Tesla semi on what looks to be a low-loader truck were sent on Twitter by @klwtts.

The truck appears to be travelling to the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, according to The Kilowatts

There have only been three Tesla prototypes sighted in the wild so far.

 However, this specific vehicle is rather different from the prior models we have seen.

The Tesla truck had a very different appearance in earlier pictures than it does today.

 To begin with, the initial design had borrowed a few elements, most notably the door handles, from the Tesla Model 3.

Since then, they have vanished, and the truck now has custom door handles of its own. 

Other noticeable changes include a completely new window design and somewhat altered taillights.