Tesla has released a video testing the reliability and durability

its Tesla semi-electric trucks and has started delivering them to customers.

At last month's Tesla Semi-Delivery event, the company unveiled a production version of its Class 8 electric truck.

Tesla has mostly lived up to the promises it made when it first announced

its vehicle program five years ago, but there was some information the company didn't disclose.

Most importantly, Tesla has not disclosed the weight or price of the truck.

These two pieces of information are very important for trucking companies looking to invest in electric vehicles.

Another unknown is how long the Tesla Semi will last.

This is a big problem in the truck industry as trucks are depreciated over their useful life.

Tesla highlighted the fact that many of the systems in its electric trucks

including the same electric motors in Tesla's Model S and Model X Plaid, have already been tested over millions of miles in other vehicle programs. .

However, it is unclear how long and how many kilometers the Tesla Semi will last.