Tesla has finally started shipping semi-electric trucks. Pepsi became Tesla's first customer.

The company had already ordered 100 electric trucks in 2017 when the Semi was first announced.

But production delays caused problems for everyone, including Tesla.

Tesla was considered overly ambitious in some of its offerings, which is why it took time to build these electric cars.

Fashionable Tesla has been very tight-lipped about the specifications of the Semi.

At the semi-launch event, Elon Musk focused on repeating how the Semi will change the future of commercial trucking

 the U.S. and around the world without talking too much about the Semi's specific features. So there are no definitive statistics on the semi's horsepower and torque

The drivetrain has been confirmed to contain three electric motors

One is used to move the truck on the highway and the other two are used to increase speed.

This is why Musk is more confident in the ability of his truck to articulate compared to his conventional diesel trucks

The cab of a semi-trailer is very different from a regular truck

with the driver's seat located in the center of the cab and looking out over the landscape.