You can guarantee that Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of Tesla, will tease some information out in his first tweets. 

That's what happened lately when he offered his services without being asked and responded to inquiries 

Since it was launched in November of last year, this one product has been responsible for an enormous amount of buzz for Tesla.

With his sporadic evasive comments that occasionally disclose Cybertruck modifications

Let's move on to the most recent Musk information on the Cybertruck.

He first claims that the truck's size will differ from the concept.

He corrected himself after first tweeting that the Cybertruck would be 80 inches instead of the concept's 84 inches. 

He now claims that it will be closer to 82 inches wide, making it easier to park in a typical garage.

He said that the "laser blade lights" will be on the Cybertruck in the same tweet.

They will perform the same purpose as off-road lights installed on roll bars and roofs.

 That is to illuminate rocky areas or remote pathways where illumination is most required.

He also studied the suspension in depth. Active ride height and active dampening will be features of the Cybertruck.