Tesla's pivot screens for Model S and Model X vehicles have been officially patented.

The patent, called the "Two-Axis Rotation Mechanism," applies to the screens of Tesla's premium Model S and Model X vehicles.

The device allows the user to tilt the screen slightly making it easier to read, see and use for both driver and passenger.

Automotive engineer Sandy Munroe and his team tear down the Model S Plaid in early 2022. During this demolition

Munro's team eventually discovered a hidden mechanism used to rotate the screen.

However, the device featured in Munro's Model S Plaid lacked a few features to be fully functional.

The team dug deeper into the mechanics and modified them to show how it will work on the Model S and Model X in the future.

A missing part in Munro's Model S plaid mechanism meant Tesla would improve that part in the future.

Tesla's "Twin Axis Rotating Mechanism" published by the US Patent Office on his Nov. 24, 2022.

This patent was originally filed on May 16, 2022, six months earlier, similar to the previous version of the patent from 2021.

The display device is mounted on a rotation mechanism that facilitates a dual-axis rotation utilizing a single actuator, dual rotation joints, and associated linkages,

Elon Musk has talked about going into the Cybertruck, we wouldn't be surprised if this feature makes an appearance in that vehicle as well.