Tesla Model 3 Real-World Costs After 60,000 Miles: Owner Surprised

What might you pay to charge and maintain the Model 3? This owner also gives his overall opinions after three years of ownership.

The entry-level Tesla vehicle, which many people still view as pricey, 

is referred to by Tesla Model 3 Performance owner Two Bit da Vinci as the "best value in automotive history." 

Before disclosing all of his information in an effort to prove the remark, he inquires as to whether he is insane to claim that it is real.

This Model 3 owner purchased his vehicle on December 26, 2019, making the distance between ownership and three years virtually exact. 

He travelled 60,000 miles in that time, which is a respectable amount. That amounts to 20,000 miles a year, which is more than the average motorist travels, 

and it was done at a time when the epidemic had prevented many people from driving nearly as frequently.

At any rate, Two Bit says he had no idea what to expect when he first bought the Tesla. 

While it was likely much cheaper then than it is today (unless you're taking advantage of the end-of-year discount),

it was still a pricey car compared to similar gas-powered models at the time.

It's time for him to share his experience with the Model 3 now that he has owned it for a considerable amount of time and has used it extensively.

Since taking delivery, Two Bit has kept meticulous records that he can share with anybody who is interested. 

Costs associated with home charging, public charging, repairs, maintenance, and other issues are discussed.