It's challenging to follow what precisely is happening with the Tesla truck

because of how frequently Tesla has flipped-flopped with its new Cybertruck. 

The Cybertruck's manufacturing date has been postponed so many times that some are beginning to wonder 

The Cybertruck is now one step closer to being a reality than ever thanks to Tesla's recent announcement 

The information that Tesla has finished the Cybertruck design is certainly more than welcome if you've been

 After all, there was a point not so long ago when it was debatable whether or not the Cybertruck would ever be realised.

Tesla has reportedly decided on the design and functionalities of the Cybertruck now, according to Electrek.

As one might anticipate, the Tesla truck's timeframe has been impacted by design revisions

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, addressed this in a recent interview with the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley.

We must act quickly to put the Cybertruck into production, he added.

 The design is at least now permanently locked. With the design improvements, we went too far.

The manufacturing date for the Tesla Cybertruck is 2023, despite its several delays.

This is two years after the manufacturing date of 2021 was first declared.

 Its planned release date was moved to 2022 as it became evident that time would pass without a Cybertruck.