There has been a formal postponement of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Even though Tesla had intended for the Cybertruck to be released in 2021

 Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla team are now stating that they are devoting additional time to the overhyped

Typical of Tesla, the Cybertruck has been formally postponed until 2022.

Tesla has taken advantage of the chance to seek a patent for yet another superfluous but nice feature for the outrageously

 EV rather than attempting to strengthen production materials and tooling.

Tesla has submitted a patent application for a glass-forming process that uses complicated curves

This application recommends upgrading the Cybertruck's already complicated and cluttered windscreen 

It seems a little crazy to add more items to the Tesla Cybertruck, which is already behind schedule

Having all that, Tesla is nothing if not extravagant.

Due to the fact that it was invented by Tesla, the patent application cites a laser-based heat treatment to make the layered

One of the wildest-looking trucks ever to hit production, Tesla thinks its engineers can add curves with a radius

The patent also mentions numerous layers of glass for more complex designs, as was already noted.

According to the application, Tesla believes that it can begin putting this curved glass to objects other than