There were a lot of things we were hoping to see, including new Roadsters.

modernised Model Ys! 2 Cybertruck test models? The event itself was a touch less intense than expected. 

Tesla's Gigafactory Texas was going to be enormous, as Musk made clear at Cyber Rodeo,

In response to an inaudible inquiry from a spectator, Musk chuckled and said he was happy they had inquired.

Our estimates show you could accommodate a hundred and ninety-four billion hamsters in this skyscraper,"

More specifically, the Gigafactory Texas would cover 2500 acres along the Colorado River

10 million square feet of floor area, and have western windows made of 32-foot glass with views of downtown Austin.

It will also contain more than 70,000 solar panels. It is essentially quite large.

The driver of the Cybertruck exits the vehicle as it approaches the stage and declares,

The audience attempts to encourage them while cheering but they do not shatter the glass. 

 They look inclined to give it a go, but in the end they say they'll try again later.

The speculations that two Cybertruck prototypes will be presented at Cyber Rodeo must have reached Musk.