Honda seems to have its sights set on the new Kia Telluride when it redesigns the Pilot for 2023.

The Kia Telluride has undergone significant changes for 2023, but the Honda Pilot is all new.

but in theory they are remarkably similar

 Now, these two of his 7-seat SUVs seemed poised to compete head-on with similar prices, similar sizes

similar features. Which one is better depends on which special edition you choose?

Honda Pilot in his 2023 he is 100% new. Starting with the frame, Honda has redesigned the Pilot with an eye to an off-road version, the new TrailSport Special Edition.

The entire Pilot range features a stiffer frame, a stronger V6 and a longer, wider body

When it comes to that body Pilots have always catered to those of us who don't like minivans

who like the huge cargo and passenger capacity of a van but don't want a van

Telluride too He received a major update for 2023 and MotorBiscuit named him SUV of the Year.

Telluride just got a skin change for 2023, making Telluride even more appealing, at least on the outside

it is equipped with a powerful V6 engine, but it has a street specification design that is as good as Honda.