Another junkyard tour is conducted by Steve Magnante, who examines a 1967 Dodge Charger Fastback

Steve Magnante is the absolute master of searching for exotic animals and rummaging through

Magnante is a talented automotive writer and YouTuber who explores a wide range of vehicles

 from rare Japanese antiques to opulent American classics, through several junkyard crawls. 

While we detest the thought of some really rare vehicles being abandoned to decay and collect dust,

we adore the tales Magnante has to share about all of these vehicles and what makes them so unique.

At Bernardston Auto Wrecking in Bernardston, Massachusetts, where numerous damaged automobiles are for sale 

Magnante has undertaken a number of junkyard crawls. Magnante is driving a Dodge Charger this time

This particular Fastback Charger is from the second year of the model's manufacture, which lasted

 this Fastback's sales dropped significantly—by more than 50%—in its second year.

The statistics on the decline in sales are somewhat startling. Only 15,788 examples were actually sold in 1967 

With the introduction of the Coke Bottle Charger R/T in 1968, sales would soar.