The series of races analyses how the Tesla fared against some very renowned Italian supercars.

We are all familiar with the Tesla Model S Plaid and its impressive performance. After it was introduced 

several drag racing movies were made to compare its speed to that of more exotic supercar machines.

With a 0-60 mph speed of under 2 seconds, it is now among the quickest production vehicles to ever grace a drag strip.

Italian hypercars like the Ferrari Enzo have minimal weight, gobs of power, and F1 technology

in this series of races, courtesy of the YouTube channel Petersen Automotive Museum

we'll see if they're sufficient to defeat the Tesla Model S's rivals.

In this movie, the Petersen Automotive Museum explores the power of a modified Tesla Model S

 a vehicle that received its enhancements from Unplugged Performance

The museum is a fantastic location and source for learning about legendary vehicles and races.

In this instance, the vehicle is a Tesla Model S-Apex, which features a widebody aerodynamics package made entirely 

 a custom-made luxury interior with only the best materials and craftsmanship, and ultra-lightweight