Rivian Snow Mode, Tesla Berlin, Audi EV Shift, More: EV News Dec 23, 2022

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Our Top EV News for the Week of December 23, 2022 includes information on Rivian's Snow Mode, Tesla Berlin, Audi & ICE, and New EV Tax Credit Rules.

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In order to assist in handling winter driving conditions, Rivian has developed an upgrade. 

A new "Snow mode" drive mode that is designed for navigating snow, slush, and ice is included in the update. 

The update lessens the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal to lessen the possibility of wheelspin and 

lessens regenerative braking to assist prevent the wheels from sliding or locking when driving on slick conditions.

Another feature of the upgrade is the ability to remotely heat the interior, defrost and de-ice the windows and mirrors, 

and turn on the seat and steering wheel heaters. Perfect for this week's weather... I believe it is chilly everywhere.

Tesla has confirmed that its Gigafactory in Berlin has reached a production rate of 3,000 EVs per week.