Rivian Removes Variant Of Its R1T For 2023, Provides Other Update

For 2023, you'll no longer be able to get a quad-motor Rivian R1T with the Max Pack battery.

Many individuals who were keeping track on electric truck startup Rivian may not have been surprised ...

when the business had to reconsider its price and configurations in order to continue to make ends meet. 

When economic unrest and inflation took hold, reality hit hard for a fledgling firm that had only recently published pricing. 

Rivian has now been forced to reduce the number of versions offered once again.

The quad-motor all-wheel-drive R1T electric pickup truck with the Max Pack battery, 

the largest battery pack Rivian presently sells, won't be available from Rivian until 2023. 

The organisation sent out an email notifying reservation holders of the change.

The email, which was taken from genuine Rivian order holders and released by Teslarati, 

states that the US startup electric car manufacturer is still providing the long-range Max Pack with dual-motor all-wheel-drive vehicles. 

In 2023, you simply won't be able to configure a quad-motor R1T with the biggest battery option. Through Teslarati, Rivian shared: