Is Rivian Build Quality Getting Worse As Production Ramps Up?

This YouTuber claims build quality is deteriorating as production increases.

Even if it happens infrequently, the build quality of an EV startup's products is often inferior to that of its competitors. 

That makes sense since it takes time to create a new product, especially one as sophisticated as an automobile.

On its first few thousand automobiles, Rivian's construction quality, on the other hand, seemed to be exceptional. 

Perhaps Ford's influence as a significant stakeholder in the company or the fact that Rivian had more than a billion dollars to spend on developing its vehicles contributed to this.

That said, as Rivian production ramps up build quality is seemingly slipping.

In a new video, Out Of Spec Detailing host Coleton compared the build quality of two R1Ts, one Vin number #4000 and the other #13,200. 

Coleton first discussed the power tunnel cover, which was broken on the truck he had in his shop.  

Coleton saw a lot more panel gaps on Vin #13,200 in terms of spacing between panels. 

The truck's back had some of the poorest alignments, while the front had a greater gap on one side of the hood than the other. 

Additionally, he discovered panel gaps around the doors and tail lights.