RIvian R1T: Lessons Learned Over 10,000 Miles Of Ownership

The electric truck was a pricey investment they hoped would be perfect for their family. Let's see how it's actually going.

Our buddy Ben Sullins, who has had many Teslas, has been writing about electric vehicles for years. 

He has also tested a wide variety of EVs, most recently the Rivian R1S three-row SUV and the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. 

But what matters to us most is how Ben and his wife Jennie feel about their recent purchase of a Rivian R1T.

Apart from the Rivian R1T, it appears the Sullins have acquired a few other EVs during the past several years, 

but keeping track hasn't exactly been easy. They frequently have a brand-new electric vehicle or SUV that they evaluate and contemplate, 

but don't ultimately purchase. They did buy a brand-new Tesla Model Y roughly two years ago, 

and they also looked into other options including the Tesla Model X and Kia EV6.

In order to establish whether or not the Rivian R1T was "overkill" for the family, 

the Sullins family also spent a weekend with it (they have small children). 

We're talking about an extremely costly electric pickup truck from a new carmaker that is now in its first manufacturing run,