The RAV4 Prime is the SUV of the future; it is quick, fashionable, and has a range of more than 40 miles

In 2019, Toyota debuted the angular fifth generation RAV4, upending a variety of bland-looking, rounded,

Obviously, there are many great things about the RAV4. It was so popular that it eventually

There are 18 various RAV4 trims available, the most costly and potent of which is the new 2022 RAV4 Prime XSE.

 The Prime increases the pure electric range by 42 miles and increases the horsepower to 302, 

But is this EV update exclusively for individuals who can charge at home overnight, have a charge port at work

parking place at Whole Foods at a cost of more than $43,000? We drove around for a while to find out.

If your car is the best-selling one in the world, you don't meddle with its appearance too much.

Because of this, the 18 trim options for the 2022 RAV4 (again, that's a lot) only provide minor alterations.

Some of those features were included in our top-of-the-line 2022 RAV4 Prime XSE ($50,731 as tested). 

The grill, the wheel arches, and the decorations on the spoiler were all gloss black. 

The "floating roof" was painted Midnight Black, with the body painted Blueprint.

Although they were a touch noisy when travelling at a high pace, the RAV4 gained some tough points thanks to them.

Our RAV4 Prime came with higher roof rails and crossbars, speaking of the roof