Demonology has returned to the circuit with his muscle vehicle for another effort after earlier losing to a Cadillac CTS V.

Herman Young of the Demonology YouTube channel organised a drag race in retaliation for his Dodge Demon's

He also mentioned so when he attended the CSTV Racing Club Invitational, one of his "favourite events of the year,

 This time, did Young succeed in defeating a CTS V? Let's investigate.

Young's Demon is not your typical muscle; he wears products from Nitrous Outlet, Holley Performance

Best Drag Racing Oil, and Mickey Thompson Tires. He's like the Dwayne Johnson of action heroes.

The video, however, opens with a scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Demonology appears as Mac 

The drag race between the red Demon and the white CTS V begins after even more preparation work is done on the Dodge Demon

It was obvious that Young's Demonology was there to make a point and reclaim its,

masculine bits from the previous time a CTS V stole them as the two cars did their revving dance on the starting line.

Therefore, the Caddy was a no-go from the beginning, or should we say, the Demon was a go at any costs. 

 Young claimed, "I couldn't find the same Cadillac CTSV, so I dished up some gap-sauce to everyone who tried to drive up next 

The Demon served the gap sauce well as it quickly separated from the Cadillac CTS V, making the Caddy appear as a distant dot

Being in the other lane and seeing that red fireball launch like that, as one of the channel's viewers called it.