Everything changed for the Dodge brothers in 1902 when

Henry Ford offered a 10% stake in his company if the Dodge brothers supplied parts for his car.

 The brothers had to build the transmission and engine that went into the famous Ford Model T.

But Ford didn't want to improve his product, and Dodge loved innovation. This is how the first Dodge cars appeared.

The first Dodge Viper was built in his 1992 year. There were no airbags, no roof, no air conditioning, no external door handles.

Nevertheless, everyone loved it and all 285 were sold, with the final fifth generation being announced in 2011 as something new.

In 2015, the Chrysler Group reported that the last Viper will be produced in his 2017.

The reason for this was the company's inability to keep up with changes in safety regulations that required curtain airbags.

But I hope Viper will come back. And here are 15 reasons why we want it.

This is the car that proves that American vehicles can go around turns.

The car set a lap time in the Nurburgring that is still in the top 10.

The Viper crushed 13 lap records and beat many race cars.

Its performance is comparable to cars that are 10 or 20 times more expensive.

they improved aerodynamics, released hot air, and made the car move faster.